Laboratory Information Systems

Our team is uniquely qualified to guide, advise, and implement Laboratory Information System (LIS or LIMS) to your needs and requirements.  Our team combines leading business and technical resources into a package of highly experienced Laboratory Professional services. Our project teams consist of business analysts, architects, and project managers who understand your industry and can rapidly and cost effectively design and implement high quality solutions. 

We have implemented a wide range of LIS and LIMS solutions for global deployments for top 5 laboratories, as well as for high throughput labs processing tens of thousands of samples per month.

IT Strategies

If you’re like most, IT strategies are a black hole.  You never know the status of a project, what’s going on, where they are with the project.  The problem?  There’s a lack of good IT governance.  Creating sound strategies in IT, aligning IT to your business needs through areas in IT Auditing, IT Strategic Planning, Department Alignment, & Service Delivery Strategies are vital to your success.

Project Management and Implementations

Implementing your systems within scope, on-time, on-budget and with team buy in can make a huge difference in your business.  Our team can even facilitate the testing, training, and user acceptance for Go-Live.  We have extensive experience implementing systems for a variety of industries.  A highlight of some of our more recent industries are:

  • Laboratories
  • Credit Unions / Banking
  • Aviation
  • Telecom

What CosiBello Consulting Offers You:

Expert tailored services, no guesswork, years of experience, less effort & sacrifice, and a comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW) that defines three important principles:

  1. Scope of work being performed
  2. Timeline for services rendered
  3. Your cost for our services

We don’t believe in gouging clients, our team wants to build and foster relationships to ensure you will want to use them again and again and again. 

Next Steps with CosiBello Consulting…

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