Will You Be Left Behind?

The Healthcare Industry is moving at a RAPID pace and most companies are falling behind…

  • What you MUST do to keep up with a growing industry
  • How to keep your employees happy
  • How to prepare yourself for the all-scary audits
  • The single most important part of executing IT strategies to correction

Unhappy employees, strategies falling through left and right, lost in your own technology.  Just a few of the common challenges companies like yours face in the healthcare space.  Just when you think it can’t get any worse, one of your employees breaks his arm. 

In an industry where the giants continue to dominate and move forward, population’s rising and small to medium companies are moving farther from their goals, you need to be well prepared for the future of your company.

Maybe it’s the systems, the people, the culture, or life.  The answer may be unclear, but one thing is certain – something needs to change.  The goals you have set, the deadlines you have to meet, and the challenges that are preventing you from getting there seem endless.

What works for one company doesn’t seem to work for yours.  You follow the plans, procedures, guidelines and STILL can’t catch up.  Just when you solve one issue, another arrives with 7 more waiting around the corner.  When does it end?  Is it all darkness from here?

It doesn’t have to be.  How come you can’t see it?  Why isn’t it here yet?  How long will it take?  Common questions, not so easy answers… That is from the inside looking out.  You need an outside perspective.  Someone with the expertise and experience that is outside of your “box” that can CLEARLY see the answers to your problems.

But, how do you get someone from the outside looking in?  Someone with the expertise, experience, and all around know-how to correctly pave the way?

Your Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge companies face with HR, employees, IT, etc. is the lack of expertise needed to correctly execute on their plans to achieve their goals.  You’re not at fault for that.  It’s a very confusing world and with so much to do, one can easily get swarmed with multiple tasks even while having a team to support them.  Not to mention, hiring someone with the needed experience is not easy.  It requires time, effort, sacrifice, and most importantly… MONEY.  Money being the most important because small to medium companies, like yours, tend to not have a big budget.  While hiring someone that will lead your company to your goals, the price that comes with them is very hefty.

HOWEVER, a problem that consistently appears with companies that need answers to multiple problems or one big problem is picking the right person or organization within budget to lead the way.

As mentioned earlier, if you find someone with the experience and skill set, they come with a very large price tag.  If you find someone with a low price tag, they don’t have the experience or skill set to get tangible results (aka achieve your goals).

Your Best Route

Then there comes the option of healthcare consulting.  While consulting is usually the best route, it’s difficult to pick the right healthcare consultant.  How can you be sure to get your money’s worth AND stay on budget?

You see, there are 2 main issues with big consulting companies: money and care.  The big consulting companies have the expertise and experience, but they lack the 2 most important aspects.  They don’t actually care about the results they get you so they don’t actually tailor solutions to YOUR needs.  It’s the same solutions they’re using with the 100 other companies they are working with.

“So, you’re telling me that hiring a consulting company with a good track record and doesn’t have many negative reviews is a bad idea?”  Yes and no.  Big consulting companies can definitely improve your company (and they’re expected to which is why they get paid).  However, you will not only be spending a fortune, but they don’t give you the best solutions!

Let’s say you have 3 major problems that stem from HR, IT, and Technology.  The big consulting companies will take all the money you can possibly throw at them, slightly improve them with strategies that 99 other companies have just implemented and then be on their way.  Do you really expect someone who is getting paid the same no matter how good a job they do to actually care for your company?

You just spent your entire budget to be like EVERYONE ELSE and have little to show for.  Is that truly what you want?  Don’t you want the very best for your company?  Why wouldn’t you want solutions that are within budget AND unique to you and you only?  Don’t you want solutions to your problems AND have someone who’s vested interest is making sure you succeed?

Helping Your Company

Positioning you at the top of your market is the goal.  The areas you lack in, will be rounded out and plans will be developed to improve your company’s bottom line.  The services and plans our team inputs will shift your flaws to strengths giving you the tools necessary to succeed.  

How does coming in with the same strategies and tactics everyone else is doing help you?  It doesn’t.  Our team knows that your company and organization has different obstacles and challenges than other companies and competitors.  Everything is tailored to you, for you.

Your problems become our problems and before you know it, they aren’t a problem.  From System Implementation to HR to Fractional Expert CXO’s, your company will be guided to your goals.

Because our team is dedicated to achieving your goals, we only take on a select few companies at a time.  By clicking the Contact Us button, our team will reach out and schedule a consultation to take a look at your company and the challenges you are facing for free.  

If our team is booked, we will let you know and then reach out to you as soon as a spot opens up

Grow Your Business

If you’re looking to enhance productivity and efficiency, our strategic and operational solutions directly contribute to the improvement of your company’s bottom line. Specializing in business projects, process optimization, tailored training programs, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and team development, your business growth and success becomes our mission.

Fractional CXO Services

Technology Leadership in the form of a Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer is a crucial aspect in healthcare but you may not have the resources to hire a Full Time CIO or CTO. Our team of seasoned professionals excel in providing fractional CXO services, offering the strategic insight and operational oversight of a Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer without the commitment of a full-time executive.

Specializing in crafted bespoke technology strategies, leading technical teams, and driving innovation to keep your business at the forefront of your industry. With a flexible and scalable approach, our services meet your evolving needs, ensuring cost-effective solutions that bolster your company’s bottom line (Profit!). Whether it’s navigating cloud migrations, enhancing cybersecurity, or leading digital transformation efforts, you’re getting the expertise needed to propel your business forward.

Fractional HR Services

In an environment where HR departments are increasingly expected to achieve more with fewer resources, the necessity for strategic, flexible solutions becomes paramount. Our Fractional HR Services provide a dynamic response to this challenge, offering access to seasoned HR professionals on an as-needed basis. This allows your business to benefit from top-tier HR expertise—ranging from strategic planning and organizational development to compliance and employee engagement—without the commitment of a full-time position. 

By integrating our fractional HR experts into your team, Cosibello guarantees your company not only meets its current HR demands but is also positioned for sustainable growth and enhanced operational efficiency. This tailored approach ensures that my team understands your unique challenges and opportunities, delivering customized solutions that propel your business forward.

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Case Studies

We have experience at all levels, working alongside the multi-billion dollar businesses and the small to medium size businesses.

Why Us?

So, why choose us?  The way we see it, there’s 3 choices.

  1. You can go to some big corporation.  They are very friendly and open to you on the phone… Sounds pretty good right?  You agree to their service, excited to help your company.  They use fancy words and big goals to get you to pay.  Then they “work”.  They come in with the same basic techniques they are doing with the 100 other companies they are currently working with.  They don’t care about you, they care about your money.  They want to get in and get out with just enough results to say “hey, we did our job”.  You’re left hanging out to dry.
  1. You can do nothing.  Hope that everything works out.  Hope that some magical, new person will apply and can fix your problems just like that.  With the wave of a wand, POOF!, problems gone!
  1. Or you can come to us, knowing we craft everything to fit YOUR needs for YOUR business with the expertise and experience to do so.  Making sure you and your company are satisfied and on the path to achieving YOUR goals.  Everything is tailored to YOU for YOU.  We aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied. Our healthcare consultants have been refereed to by over 90% of the businesses we work with!

Next Steps…

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